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We Have a Spaceship

by We Have A Spaceship

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    12 out-of-this-world songs, complete with introduction and a sign-off.
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I used to be a singer in a punk band I had inspiration. I had my red van Music and lyrics just flowed through my hand 18 years old. I was hardly a man Now I can't seem to think of the ...um... those things you say I'm tracing circles on an otherwise blank page How did it all come so easily, but now its gone? It cannot be that talent disappears with age I reach out begging to hold on I wait and I wait for my muse to return But all my ideas seem tired and worn I'd lower my standards, but when will I learn to put in the work for an artist reborn But I can't seem to think of the ...um... those things you say I'm tracing circles on an otherwise blank page How did it all come so easily, but now its gone? It cannot be that talent disappears with age I reach out begging to hold on ...uh... I'm fighting hard for every word down on this page How had it all come so easily? but it's not gone! I will always plan on staying up on stage No, it's not easy, but it's not my last song
Bags Packed 03:32
Waking up when I hear my snore Pour a mug and I'm out the door 'Cause you know I gotta be there at 9, I gotta make the place shine, I gotta be there on time It's best to not think about these things Like... I know it's not the perfect gig, but it pays the bills just the same, and Hollywood seems like fun, 'til you taste the heat of the LA sun Work release getting old; I hope my listings on eBay sold Pack my bags; remember when I never thought I'd go home again. Seat back up when I hear the call It's views like these that make a man feel small 'Cause you know I'm gonna wanna just hide, and then I'll be let inside, I've lost a lot of my pride It's best to not think about these things
The trees are made of high school lovers The branches are their moms And if I could get past the others I might forget the bombs There's no escape But all around I'm drowning in a sea of reflections They show my crumbling teeth Was that last year Or just today? I woke up in a dream last night I woke up with a view of reality If I had even half the perception I would not quit I flew atop the highest mountain And came down as the rain I fell into a moonlit fountain [And] got swallowed by the drain I'm still inside Or maybe not The phone was ringing from your eardrums But I couldn't find your face I didn't move but I ran away I woke up in a dream last night I woke up with a view of reality If I had even half the perception I would not quit I might just do it again I woke up in a dream last night I woke up with a view of the impossible If I had only twice my perception I might not quit
Gotten Old 02:09
I've become someone I didn't know Guess I didn't die before I got old We set our own rules or fit into the mold And I've made fun as an adult 'cause I decide what that word means You talk about the glory days, this ain't a Springsteen song You play the music from my youth you know I'll sing along We've all got memories: our sacred paths; rejoice and mourn I'd never trade them in, you know I'm looking to make more I'm making moments count You say the best days of your life are in the past, oh well But Bryan Adams never had a crystal ball to tell What will the future hold, you know I want to find that out But I won't wait for it, I'll meet it there, I have no doubt I'm right where I wanna be
Marry Me 03:05
When we first met, I didn't have a clue that we'd fall for each other. Again I saw your face. Soon I saw the rest. I think this could be good. She's got me wondering. When I see her tonight, I'll be down on one knee asking her to be mine. Will she say "yes"? I really hope so. She saw me through my best and even puts up with my worst. Together we built something. We started out as friends, and nothing has changed. Let's make it last forever. She's got me wondering. When I see her tonight, I'll be down on one knee asking her to marry me.
Hell 03:42
Different hearts Different minds But we're always on each others' sides Shoulder to shoulder I struggle on You struggle, too You can lean on me; I'll lean on you Over and over I'd walk through hell with you Save me Save you Laugh at all that we have been through Harder and harder Never let go Never give in Never gonna listen. Never gonna listen! Forever and ever With friends like these, I can handle any enemies
I'm Hungry 03:58
While I don't oppose scientific progress as a rule, I find a lack of second guessing terrifying to my core, and I just think, "Have we really reached the point where we understand the full repercussions of our acts, big and small?" Pesticides, herbicides, far and wide, and we wonder, "Where are all the honeybees?" Can it be maybe we have responsibility for the land, for the sea, to preserve humanity over the economy? Hand me the menu, I'm hungry. I don't care how it got to me. This is the way it has to be. If you are what you eat, and you're eating GMOs, will your genes change? Rearrange? Turn you into something strange? I don't know. You don't know. We don't know, and it shows. That's my point: that gambling with stuff like this is recklessness! Chemicals in your life, for your pets, for your kids. Do you think Atrazine should cover all that you consume? And the sole potential winner is Monsanto's CEO, so can we label fruit and veg if it was dreamed up in a lab? It's gonna stick around as long as it's profitable for corporations It's gonna stick around unless it hurts their media relations It's gonna stick around as long as they prey on our temptations It's gonna stick around unless we express our aggravations Farmers give antibiotics to every pig, cow, and chicken. Is it me, or could they provide a cleaner atmosphere? Instinctive good hygiene if they only had the space. Cramped cages: filthy wire is their home until they die. It's a shame that we turn a blind eye to the suffering of animals we certainly would be worse off without, comforted by denial and detachment from the crime. And, in time, will we find that's what started our decline?
Pivot 02:29
Roll along with the pack And all you see's my back You get around, I'll knock you down That's the pivot's strong attack Push and shove; check a chick And you give your wounds a lick I don't care; you won't dare touch me even with a stick I live in the land of fishnets and bruises Born of fire and you're gonna get burned I'll eat your baby when you think you're alone You can whip all you want, but you won't get past me You wear a star, all the glamour You you think you are a jammer I'm the type that wears a stripe And I'll put you in the slammer Cannon ball, hit my wall And you know you're gonna fall You think you're fast, you just got passed Baby all you do is crawl
Here's a story about a little kid He didn't come from the same world we did There were dragons, goblins, orcs, and elves And everyone there relied on themselves As a babe, he was cast out to the wild Raised by elves who could see no life defiled When he grew up, he received his first bow And he became the best that you know [King] And if the prophecy tells of the one raised by elves who will dethrone the King, then all elves must be destroyed. The king came with his stolen crown Gave the order to cut the elves down The battle raged and casualties were high The kingdom's army's victory was nigh The kid rode to a far off sea of sand To quest for a relic of a distant land The legend told of a kingdom to divide A weapon was the last hope to turn the tide [King] And when the battle is won, and word spreads of my might, the world will bow at my feet, and my reign will be supreme Ride strong, fight hard The battle rages on We will stand guard Until our freedom's won Searching through the ancient dust and bone He had a feeling that he was not alone The kid turned 'round and was knocked right off his feet The King was too much for the kid to defeat In desperation, the kid looked low and high A glinting hourglass came across his eye Without a thought he knew what must be done A chronostasis of father and his son [King] You will never defeat me. I live and breathe control. You should know, my son. What is that? Ride strong, fight hard The battle rages on We will stand guard Until our freedom's won Give thanks, stand tall The battle has been won Our hero's fall Brings us a brand new dawn [King] You fool. You've locked yourself with me in eternal struggle, and what will you gain? Your regret will have no end. When I'm free of your prison, none will be safe; they'll all be erased from existence. But first, let's get acquainted. Have you met my wrath?
You reached in and ripped out my still beating heart, again. you still laugh about it with your friends Caring about someone so deeply Felt just like a movie Ever after not so happily Living in that moment constantly Wrestling my certainty That you were my destiny Praying Netflix come to save me Maybe I'll watch Buffy She would love me, wouldn't she? Dreaming of your cruel goodbye to me I just want to forget the scene My nightmare repeats endlessly All I have is fading My sense of worth degrading I can't suppress the panic The fall has made me frantic and in due time I know I'll find The strength inside My friends remind me I have. but Until I get there what am I supposed to do?!
Down this crowded street I'm strolling and whistling Can't think of a thing bothering me Sun's up and the sky's blue No problem can compare to this great feeling Man rushes past, and slams into me The crowd keeps moving and I hit the ground The masses treat me like I'm part of the sidewalk I pick myself up and brush myself off I calm my mind and count to 3/5/10 Adjust my hat and walk again See the birds flying high I try to rise above But it's pullin' Pulling me down Trying to steal my smile Too many people shoving to get by No bother, I'm free and clear They're the ones who are missing out on life A cigarette burns on the back of my hand I jump to the side and I slip off the curb A cyclist yells and runs me down Why's everyone keep staring at me? I'm alright; they should be, too Maybe I'll give them something worth staring at Walk near a garbage can, I'm hit with a coffee losing my cool and burning my arm The world stops and stares, laughing and pointing My jaw clenches down and my pressure builds I start to see red and I grab the bin It goes through a window in a shower of glass And those stares turn to horror as I look for what's next Now I got a feeling that a coffee cup don't justify such fire But I been saving this up til now, so just sit back and enjoy the show I throw an ashtray at a crowd of smokers as they run for the hills And I flip a table at a sidewalk bistro 'cause the food just smells too good A bu'nessman leaps in the corner of my eye and I just have time to dodge I send him to the ground with a kick to the groin and he cries out for his mom I throw a bicycle into the street 'cause I just can't take no more But I didn't see that a squad car pulled up to see what's all the fuss Now I don't know all the things I said, I'm sure it wasn't pretty 'Cause before I know I'm convulsating on the ground, bein' tased I wake up in a cell with a splitting headache; scrapes and burns on my hands and arms Now I'm pretty sure I have a right, but I got no one to call I sit with a lawyer as he takes my case and reprimands me good But half his words are lost as I just stare out at the sky The sun is up, the birds fly high, but my counsel starts to yell I give a grin, they try to pull me down, but they just can't steal my smile
Sign-off 00:09


We Have A Spaceship's Debut album


released October 21, 2014

All songs written, played, and recorded by Tim Aichele and Mike FitzSimmons


all rights reserved



We Have A Spaceship Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Tim, long out of the music scene, decided to work on some new music. He went to work on his first song. Not much of a singer he called up his old friend Fitz to help him finish the song. Thrilled with what they created together they decided to do an EP, but soon the songs piled up and they had an album's worth of material.Thus bringing us to their debut release the self-titled We Have a Spaceship. ... more

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